What is My Ticket On?

It is a system dedicated to take care and proactively manage the sales of your business' tickets. So you can take care of what matters most for you.

Sale tickets with us!

Our integration process is managed peer to peer with our customer service specialists. Who are going to make feel the process so smooth and easy for you.

Why buy with My Ticket On?

We primarely sale tickets of Micro Theaters. Taking extremely serious make our system as easy and friendly as possible is our main priority.

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Buying a ticket for your favorite Shows is extremely easy. Either selecting a Show directly from the Home Page or going into the Theater where the Show is going to be played; you are still a few clicks from getting a ticket so quick and clean.

You have two methods to get your tickets.
* Take the attached PDFs sent to your email, make a printed copy, and show it at the theater. (You should use this method to avoid waiting while your ticket gets printed on site)
* Take this email with you and show it at the theater, there you will receive the printed tickets.

Not much really. You just need to Log In into your account and go to My Profile. There you will find all the tickets you have purchased and will be able to View it again, print them and even Re-Send them by email. You can also call to Customer Service and a representative will assit you if you have any problem doing the process described above.
Our system delegates completely in Paypal's secure servers. Which take care of every single transaction that goes thorugh our website. So, you are as secure with us as you would be processing directly with Paypal. You can pay either with your Paypal Account or with a Debit/Credit Card. Both cases are still executed using Paypal's system.
Our Terms & Conditions clearly indicates that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. However, under certain circumstances, a refund may be issue in your favor. This may be accomplished by calling to Paseo de las Artes customer service phone number:+1 (305) 709-1900 . So a representative may assist you in that matter.

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Do not hesitate and make us a call if you have any problem. Seriously, any!

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Call us or email us at any time and we will be more than happy to assit you.